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At The Chef Patissier, we love creating delicious treats that are both healthy and indulgent. Our banana bread is no exception - it's the perfect combination of moist, flavorful, and nutritious.
This in-demand sponge cake is baked with whole wheat flour, ripe bananas & infused with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chunks. Our banana bread is made with only the finest and premium ingredients, ensuring that each bite is bursting with natural sweetness and wholesome goodness.

At The Chef Patissier, we believe that healthy food can and should be delicious. That's why we take great care in creating baked goods that not only taste amazing but also nourish your body. Try our banana bread today and taste the difference that premium ingredients and expert baking can make.


Regular: Wholewheat flour

Sf: Base sweetened with dates

Gf: Ragi flour

Vegan: Soy


Warm for 10secs before serving.


7days under refrigeration